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WatCard service interruption June 29-July 4. WatCard will be performing a server migration during the period of June 29-July 4; during this time window, some or all WatCard services will be unavailable. We do not anticipate that service interruption will be for the entire window, but likely for the first 24-48 hours.

During this time, uPrint services will only be available using a uPrint Guest Card available at the libraries. Simply redeem the funds against your existing uPrint account, cards are available in $2, $5, and $10 amounts.

New uPrint for Waterloo Students – Print from anywhere on campus

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Waterloo students will have the option to start a print job before leaving their residence room or off campus site. Just upload a file from a PC or laptop, select a printer from a list of uPrint campus locations, and release a print job at the selected location to pick up the documents. Students may release their print jobs from their laptop, tablets, smartphones or directly from the multifunction printer. No need to install print drivers or set up a printing account.

The printing cost is deducted directly from the student’s WatCard flex funds. Students use their WatCard flex funds to print and may add money to their flex funds online at any time.   There is no charge for students to add flex dollars to their WatCard.

Previously, students would save their essay or assignment to a USB or online location, walk to their faculty computer lab, log into a computer in the lab, and then print their document.  Now students can print online directly from their laptop, go directly to the uPrint printer selected, and log in to get their printed document.

uPrint allows students to send their print job almost anywhere on campus. Locations for uPrint are Housing and Residences, Faculty Computer Labs (see list), Public Fleet Copiers, Dana Porter and Davis Libraries, School of Pharmacy, Stratford campus and Affiliated University Colleges.

uPrint Demo station and Help Desk is available in Media.doc SLC for students who would like to book a personal appointment to learn more about uPrint. Media.doc staff will answer any uPrint inquiries or questions. Additionally, Service Desk staff in the Faculty Computing Labs with printers connected to uPrint are available to provide assistance.